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Contributor update - Katy and Liz Hughes, the homeless bloggers

Update on the Hughes family, homeless mother and daughter living in their car in Campbell (South San Francisco Bay Area.) Good and very bad news - they've apparently got someone helping them look for work and trying to get them settled in Pennsylvania. But they have to come up with moving costs themselves, and are back in their car for the time being.

It's a pity - I wanted to bring them out to see RENT with voces and I next weekend and invited them, but they said they have too much to deal with at the moment. Synchronized Chaos Magazine sent them some cash we collected at our reception but it wasn't too much as many of us are starving artists ourselves...can anyone reading this spare anything for the family? I know them personally and they've got hooked up to PayPal.

Pretty please? Comment here if you send them something and I'll send you an original piece of poetry!

From Elizabeth Barone's blog site, Letters for Katy: How You Can Help.
Liz and Katy’s last day at their cottage is this coming Thursday. Liz sent me an update email saying that she still isn’t sure how much it will cost for them to move. Their priority, she said, is to get everything in storage and to have enough money for food, as they aren’t sure if they will be able to afford the move right away and will stay in their car until they can get to Pennsylvania. Here is the email she sent me:


I just wanted to give you an update. I am going to have to see how many boxes and tubs I will have before I can get an accurate quote for moving. Also my checking account is messed up again. So if people could send visa or master card gift cards that would be better. I have written action line hoping they can straighten out my checking account. I have never had problems with my bank until this past year now all of a sudden I am having all kinds of problems.

As it stands right now, our very last day in the cottage will be Thursday. The owner will not extend it until all the storms have passed completely. The pastor of that church does not want us in this cottage or anyone from the church to help us since I was trying to earn money instead of sitting in church. I still am finding it hard to believe. What is weird is I started having bad dreams regarding just that a couple of months ago. I cannot believe a Christian pastor would hold that against another Christian especially a single mother and her daughter when the Bible says to help them.

The person back east is trying to find me employment and us an apartment, we just have to somehow get back there now. Our immediate needs will be some way to help pay for storage if we have to spend time in the car and a way to get food while we are living in the car.

If that is going to be the case, our contact via email will be kind of sporadic so you can email both of us. We will use the internet connection at the library when we can.

Thank you again for all of your help and prayers,

I have been reading everyone’s comments and sent Liz an email back addressing some of your questions. Things have been crazy on my end, so I apologize for not replying to your comments right away. Thank you all so much for your support.

You can mail Visa and MasterCard gift cards to:

Elizabeth and Katy Hughes
PO Box 111525
Campbell, CA 95011
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