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Katy Hughes' abstract artwork for sale

First of all, I'm adding an item to the Synchronized Chaos Wish List.

We'd love to see folks buy artwork from our contributors Katy and Liz Hughes, who are quite talented but live in their car for the time being while trying to get back on their feet. They've got work and housing in another state and are raising cash to move over there. Katy's blog entry about the artwork is here, with some sample work and the family's story: http://destinationanywherebuthere.blogspot.com/2010/02/for-sale.html

Some of her work's about to get exhibited in the local Campbell library! And I've got samples of it at the end of this post. If you're interested in ordering art, please read the instructions in Katy's blog and email hugheselizabeth@rocketmail.com

Katy sells sketches for $20 and larger pieces for more money - and accepts checks made out to her mother, Elizabeth Hughes (she's a teenager) and PayPal payments to hugheselizabeth@rocketmail.com


For those seeking day-jobs while writing and creating art...firms and organizations hiring!

Heard this at JobSeekers - companies hiring in the SF Bay Area, check out their websites to see what positions may still be available:

John Muir Physicians' Network
Cisco Systems
The U.S. Census
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Wells Fargo
Clear Channel
Saba Software
Renewable Funding
Blackhawk Networks
New York Life Insurance
Massachusetts Mutual
Pacific Bioscience

http://www.phase2careers.org - special website to help people over 40 develop new careers

http://www.idealist.org - nonprofit jobs related to social services and the environment

Contributor update - Katy and Liz Hughes, the homeless bloggers

Update on the Hughes family, homeless mother and daughter living in their car in Campbell (South San Francisco Bay Area.) Good and very bad news - they've apparently got someone helping them look for work and trying to get them settled in Pennsylvania. But they have to come up with moving costs themselves, and are back in their car for the time being.

It's a pity - I wanted to bring them out to see RENT with voces and I next weekend and invited them, but they said they have too much to deal with at the moment. Synchronized Chaos Magazine sent them some cash we collected at our reception but it wasn't too much as many of us are starving artists ourselves...can anyone reading this spare anything for the family? I know them personally and they've got hugheselizabeth@rocketmail.com hooked up to PayPal.

Pretty please? Comment here if you send them something and I'll send you an original piece of poetry!

From Elizabeth Barone's blog site, Letters for Katy: How You Can Help.
Liz and Katy’s last day at their cottage is this coming Thursday. Liz sent me an update email saying that she still isn’t sure how much it will cost for them to move. Their priority, she said, is to get everything in storage and to have enough money for food, as they aren’t sure if they will be able to afford the move right away and will stay in their car until they can get to Pennsylvania. Here is the email she sent me:


I just wanted to give you an update. I am going to have to see how many boxes and tubs I will have before I can get an accurate quote for moving. Also my checking account is messed up again. So if people could send visa or master card gift cards that would be better. I have written action line hoping they can straighten out my checking account. I have never had problems with my bank until this past year now all of a sudden I am having all kinds of problems.

As it stands right now, our very last day in the cottage will be Thursday. The owner will not extend it until all the storms have passed completely. The pastor of that church does not want us in this cottage or anyone from the church to help us since I was trying to earn money instead of sitting in church. I still am finding it hard to believe. What is weird is I started having bad dreams regarding just that a couple of months ago. I cannot believe a Christian pastor would hold that against another Christian especially a single mother and her daughter when the Bible says to help them.

The person back east is trying to find me employment and us an apartment, we just have to somehow get back there now. Our immediate needs will be some way to help pay for storage if we have to spend time in the car and a way to get food while we are living in the car.

If that is going to be the case, our contact via email will be kind of sporadic so you can email both of us. We will use the internet connection at the library when we can.

Thank you again for all of your help and prayers,

I have been reading everyone’s comments and sent Liz an email back addressing some of your questions. Things have been crazy on my end, so I apologize for not replying to your comments right away. Thank you all so much for your support.

You can mail Visa and MasterCard gift cards to:

Elizabeth and Katy Hughes
PO Box 111525
Campbell, CA 95011

Guide to Connie Noyes' images






72 X 114 INCHES

30 X 30 CM

24 X 48 INCHES

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"Leaving So Soon?" - Tony Long - 1542 words

Leaving So Soon?

By Anthony Long

(1,541 words)

Toby Jenks looks up from his newspaper and freezes.

Striding down the hill toward the café, laptop tucked under one arm and a sour look plastered across his thick, wheyfaced mug, comes Joel Kaplan, a thoroughly objectionable human being known around the place as the Human Air Vent. (“But does he suck or does he blow?” it was fairly asked.)

At the next table, a vagabonding young German couple have finished their coffee and are slipping the guidebooks into their haversacks and making ready to leave. She’s a pretty, dark-haired girl with a soft voice. Toby thinks she looks merciful.

“Please,” Toby says. “Please stay. Don’t go.” She looks at him quizzically. In desperation Toby summons his dwindling reserve of high school German. “Bitte … bleiben Sie hier. Umm, uh, both of you. Nicht gehen, bitte. Nicht jetzt.”

“I’m sorry,” the girl says, switching easily to nicely clipped British-accented English. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, yes,” Toby says, looking out the window. “In about ten seconds the worst person on earth is going to come walking in here and if you guys leave right now, he’ll sit down at that very table and my day will be completely ruined. Maybe my life. Please.” Toby gives her a beseeching look and another involuntary “bitte” leaves his lips. The Germans crane their necks to inspect Kaplan, and the young woman turns back to Toby with a distressed look of her own. Kaplan has that effect on people, even total strangers.

“I’ll buy you guys another coffee,” Toby says.
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Fly By Night - medium-short fiction by Joseph Urso

Fly By Night

by Joseph Urso

(3400 words)


“A Prophet is not popular in the home town. A Doctor does not heal family and friends.”
Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Can’t quite place it though right? Neither can I and I should, since I meditate on its meanings everyday. I know this - and take it from a creature of experience - this is a warning and don’t think it comes from The Creator. Do you really think The Creator has time to issue warnings like some cosmic Mr. Chips? No. No of course not. This warning comes from a creature of experience too, one who’s bled, and there’s the problem. Who wants to be told what to do, especially by someone who gets his ass kicked on the front line because you’re hiding in the rear. Better to know, not to speak, and watch those who think they know get their asses kicked instead. He should have stopped to think the bell isn’t tolling for him. It’s just a bell making noise.

Now if you’re really knowledgeable you probably have an inkling I haven’t a thought of my own, but who does. Flies never worry about being knowledgeable or popular. Like the rest of my kind, you might say I’m an observer of the human race. I’m well qualified for the job since Flies have been buzzing around Earth much longer than you mere Humans. Try not to be too mystified about my ability to communicate with other Life Forms.Don’t waste your time hiring Ph.D.’s to figure this out. Besides isn’t it written all things are possible?

Joseph Urso has been writing for many years and lives with his wife in upstate New York. He may be reached via e-mail: ribera.14@hotmail.com

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New Year's Celebration Online 2009!

Everyone, sorry for the late notice, but we're hosting our traditional annual online New Year's Eve party in this journal (http://ladycatherina.livejournal.com/) again this year. Got started back when I first moved to the Bay Area and everyone I knew was scattered among various states and countries or didn't have the cash for food for a party or gas to get there.

How this works is that somewhere around the morning of New Year's Eve Pacific Standard Time, I will post a virtual description of a party - complete with a decorated house, food, music, drinks, and a place to share memories of 2009 and hopes and dreams for 2010.

For an idea of how this works, here's a past year's virtual party: http://ladycatherina.livejournal.com/300058.html

Everyone from around the world is invited to come along and participate at any time that night or the next day - write a comment describing what you're wearing, what you're doing, what you're bringing (recipes are great!) and talk with anyone else by responding to their comments along with me! In past years people have danced, played Pokemon, traded gourmet recipes, and talked philosophy and remembered loved ones, through hundreds of comments.

All are welcome, regardless of whether you're friended to this journal or not...and we're inviting Synchronized Chaos Magazine's readers and others I know from other communities.

I view New Year's as a philosophical/spiritual holiday as well as a fun time for a get-together...this is the truly democratic, inclusive winter or summer) holiday, as everyone, regardless of how lonely or broke or sick they are, can have hope and resolutions for the new year. It's a time when we can choose to forgive, let go of past grudges and move forward into a future with unlimited possibilities, when old barriers can be broken and new dreams realized.

New Year's Eve was the night in Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights when romantic antihero Heathcliff let go of years of resentment towards people who had wronged him and on whom he'd previously spent most of his time exacting revenge. Then, out of the power of love and honoring the best within himself rather than the worst, he broke through the boundaries of life and death, time and memory, money and class, and found a real spiritual connection with nature and others and his departed lover, Catherine.

So, in that spirit, let us all join in forgiving the past and embracing the future, the promise of infinite creative possibilities where all are welcome.

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Everyone - Synchronized Chaos Magazine (which is online at http://www.synchchaos.com) is sponsoring a holiday drive for the Ford family, whom I've personally known for years. They have periodically submitted work and contributed to our magazine - some of Kristie's writing is already live for our upcoming December issue. The children are talented vocalists and graphic artists, and the mother has serious writing ability and I continually encourage her to go professional, as much as she can from home.

The two teenage children live with their elderly grandmother, as Kristie (the widowed mother) lost custody of them as she could not properly care for them due to her illnesses (melanoma skin cancer, narcolepsy, ADD, and the legally disabling mental illness of Delusional Disorder.) Kristie receives $860 a month disability income, $400 of which goes to her rent, and she sends as much as possible of the rest to her mother and her children. She's survived several mentally and physically abusive relationships and is also dealing with court costs and legal issues as a result of these.

There aren't too many resources in her area to help low income families...what does exist in San Rafael is targeted towards another very poor area of town, not where they live.

Kristie has a teenage boy (16 years old) and a teenage daughter (15 years old) and three nephews and nieces: a five year old boy, a six year old girl, and a six month old baby girl.

Food and gas money is a struggle, and she's gone hungry several times in the past few months. They cannot afford anything special for the holidays. So, our magazine staff is putting together a Christmas gift package for the family, and I'm inviting all my professional colleagues to contribute. This is our holiday tradition...every winter we pick our neediest contributing writers/artists and host a donation drive for them with their consent.
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fall bridge

Crosslinked in Synchronized Chaos Magazine...featured artist Tom Heinz' biography

Biography of nature photographer Tom Heinz, featured in December's issue of Synchronized Chaos Magazine, live at http://www.synchchaos.com

Having shown much artistic talent at an early age, Tom’s mother enrolled him in programs at the Cleveland Museum of Art while he was pre-school. At about 5 he received a plastic Donald Duck camera from his grandmother, but really didn’t use it until around age 10 when he began developing 120 roll film in an open print tray. An avid model airplane builder, he soon began to photograph his models on a makeshift runway in his backyard, using his Donald Duck camera. He felt it was a good camera as you could intentionally make double exposures.

Tom received his first 35mm camera while in high school. Formal photography training came while studying architecture at Kent State University. Immediately after graduation Tom left for Peru as a Peace Corps Volunteer Architect and taught his first photography class to his fellow trainees. Tom returned to Peru 4 years later as part of an Earthquake Relief Team, which evolved into an instructor contract for a training program. As well as creating a curriculum on Peruvian Construction Techniques, Tom taught his second class in photography to those trainees. While teaching in the Virgin Islands he bought a Super-8 movie camera.

When Tom returned to Cleveland he apprenticed with several architects, winning a design award for an office addition to a factory. But, Tom’s thoughts were in the film world. So he retired from architecture, and moved to the San Francisco Art Institute. Yes, although he rented a room in the tenderloin, he spent every waking hour (and many sleeping hours too) at the SFAI, obtaining BFA & MFA’s in Filmmaking.

After 10 years making films, and receiving numerous national and international awards, with video already in and computers on the horizon, Tom, again, sought another challenge. He packed up his film equipment and returned to school to study electronics, digital logic, and computer programming. The next 18 years he worked with the best in the computer industry, from assembly, to designing printed circuit boards for Lucasfilm, to lab manager in software test engineering.

Recently, he returned to the art world with photography as his medium. Immersed in the new digital photo realm, Tom began winning awards from magazine competitions, exhibited in galleries, and took 50 years of photography as a hobby to a professional level.

His experimental photography is in the third dimension. Using cameras with 2, 3, or 4 lenses he makes 3D stereo images and lenticulars.

Tom has received Brisbane’s Mayor’s Award for Recognition in the Arts, and teaches digital photography through the Brisbane Recreation Department.

Check out his work at http://www.heinzight.com
earth goddess

Link - from Debra Berliner of Berkeley's Ecology Center..interviewed in October's Synchronized Chaos

You know there's a lot you can do to fight climate change but you're just not sure where to begin. Or maybe you've already got a small footprint and you're ready to take community-level action. Benefit from the support, information exchange, and camaraderie of your fellow community members as well as the resources offered by the Ecology Center, all while reducing your carbon footprint, getting free membership to the Ecology Center if you haven't already been a member, saving money, and meeting your neighbors.

Three ways to take local action on climate change:

1) Join an upcoming Ecology Center Climate Change Action Group:
Mondays from 6-8pm: October 19, October 26, November 2, November 9

2) Invite the Ecology Center to facilitate a Climate Change Action Group at your workplace, congregation, in your neighborhood, or with another community group.
If you have approximately 10 committed participants, we'll lead a group for you free of charge.

3) Facilitate your own group with friends, neighbors, coworkers or others.
Next facilitator training: Thursday, Oct 29, 6-8:30pm at the Ecology Center.

How do the Climate Change Action Groups work?
During four weekly sessions, you will join with a small group of Bay Area residents to calculate your carbon footprint, create a measurable personal action plan to reduce your footprint and make substantive changes in your community. Participation and facilitation services are free. A $10 fee (at cost) will be charged for the Low Carbon Diet workbook. No one turned away for lack of funds.

How do I sign up?
Write to debra@ecologycenter.org and pass on this message to your friends and colleagues. For more information, visit http://www.ecologycenter.org

Background on the Ecology Center
The Ecology Center provides the public with reliable information, tools, hands-on training, referrals, strategies, infrastructure, and models for sustainable living. Our programs enable people to adopt practices that are environmentally and socially responsible. We run Berkeley's residential curbside recycling program, the Berkeley Farmers' Markets, Farm Fresh Choice food justice program, Terrain magazine, EcoHouse demonstration home and garden, the Ecology Center Store, and a variety of Information and Climate Change Action programs.

We hope you can join us!
Debra Berliner, MPH, Climate Action Coordinator
Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94702
Office phone: (510) 548 2220 x240
Cell phone: (415) 312 9720
Fax: (510) 548-2240
email: debra@ecologycenter.org