ladycatherina (ladycatherina) wrote in chaos_zine,

Management and behind-the-scenes folks invited to submit work for our anniversary issue!

This August is Synchronized Chaos' one-year anniversary and we're celebrating by having a 'dunk-tank' kind of event where we ask anyone and everyone who helps manage the magazine or who helped put it together behind the scenes to make some artwork or writing of their own for us to feature and for everyone else to read and leave comments...basically a chance to come out from behind the curtain and have the experience of creating something in a completely different genre or style and seeing it featured.

So - anyone who's helped out somehow, or longtime members of this community, people who joined back in summer/fall 2008 when we first started and who were encouraging...and/or who are in the magazine and publishing business yourselves, you're invited! Your work doesn't have to be perfect, this is about the experience and trying something new.

The dunk tank is a joke, no one really makes fun of's a chance to come on out and introduce ourselves and try something different. I'm writing a modern-day spoof of the old 1971 carchase movie Vanishing Point, just to see if I can pull it off and actually be funny. If you'd like to contribute then please email something to and it'll go live late this August!
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